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Alternative Voice for California:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for California Senate District 15, 2020

Homelessness and Housing


Housing is a human right. The idea of human beings living in the streets and by creeks (worst than a third world country) is abominable. However, the data indicates that part of our homelessness problem exists because of addiction. We will continue to have issues with this as long as our addiction problem remains unaddressed. Mental illness not getting addressed has also resulted in homelessness.

For those who are the working poor that live in the streets and have jobs but are unable to afford housing, we must work to get them into housing immediately.


The idea that we can build our way out of the housing crisis or that an unbridled free market can solve our housing woes is absurd. Housing has to be under stricter control in the state of California.

I supported Proposition 10 (the repeal of Costa-Hawkins). My philosophy is that it is better to let local municipalities legislate rents as they see fit.

Statistically, Californians are divided on the issue of state control vs local control in regards to housing. I will let my constituents decide which direction they would like me to go (regardless of my personal philosophy).