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Alternative Voice for California:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for California Senate District 15, 2020

Social Issues and Other Issues


I am pro-life and believe that life begins at the moment of conception. However, it appears that most people in California are content with the current abortion law. I will speak out on pro-life issues and believe that pro-life people should use the initiative process and let the people decide. I do believe that those who are pro-life should be able to exercise their conscience and be allowed to opt out in situations where they would be forced to compromise their convictions. The pro-life viewpoint should receive equal access and treatment to the pro-choice viewpoint. I will not be introducing any legislation in regards to the Pro-life position. The constituents of Senate District 15 (as I understand it) do not want me to do this.

Death Penalty

I believe it should be an option as a tool of justice in a situation of murder. The death penalty should not be enforced in every murder case. There should be guidelines to determine when the death penalty should be used to ensure that an innocent person would not be put to death.

Gun Control

I support the Constitutional rights of gun owners to own guns because of the second amendment. I do not believe that the root cause of our violence issues in the United States is due to too many guns or gun owners. Our culture is corrupt and is a culture of violence. I view violence as a moral issue. Family breakdown and individual moral and spiritual breakdown has created the culture that we have in America. As a state senator, I will not make gun owners or the NRA the scapegoat of our violence problems or the mass shootings that have been occurring so frequently. On a personal basis, I do not own guns. I don’t really like guns either. But because I am not a gun owner or don’t like guns it doesn’t allow me to prohibit those who do to have their second amendment rights violated. Gun ownership is a constitutional right.


I am empathetic to "the stranger in the land". If the United States were to deteriorate into a third world country and I had to look for work elsewhere in the world, my preference would be to stay in my home country, but I would probably be forced to go to another country in order to survive. We need to assist those countries where immigrants come from and help stabilize their economies. I believe that would lessen immigration. I do not believe that building a wall is a solution to immigration. A problem of epidemic proportion in the United States is drug usage. Drug cartels have become powerful in the Latin American countries because of the great demand the United States has for drugs. The drug problem has made some of the Latin American countries unstable. People are fleeing their countries because of drug violence. We are part of the problem and reason immigrants are fleeing to the United States.

Marriage and Sexuality

Based on Jesus Christ’s teaching in Matthew 19:4-6, I believe the definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. However, the California culture currently does not agree with that definition and it should not be forced on people who do not agree with it. Marriage and sexuality is an ideology and not a civil rights issue. If the California culture wants to embrace different definitions of marriage and sexuality then that is its choice. Those who subscribe to the one man one woman definition of marriage should be allowed to opt out of agreeing to the new cultural definition without penalty and punishment. No one should go to jail or lose a job because they have a different ideological viewpoint than the culture on marriage.

Physician Assisted Suicide

I have mixed views on this issue and do not think it is “black and white” when it comes to end of life issues. Medical advances have allowed us to keep alive someone who normally would die from natural causes.

Stem Cell Research

A few years ago the California people passed an initiative that indicated that they wanted this research to be supported in the scientific community. I am personally mixed on this issue.


The data seems to indicate that vaccinations are safe almost all of the time. My concern for this is that by forcing people to get vaccinated we are in violation of defiling a person’s conscience. There are people who have a legitimate reason for refusing vaccinations. I don’t think there was any data that indicated that there was a problem with the previous vaccination legislation in California so I think it should have remained as it was (California recently has new legislation being introduced on vaccinations). When the “state” begins to create legislation that violates people’s conscience’s that is overreach. We don’t want to go down that “slippery slope”. The pro-vaccination people have no answers as to what to do about those who have been damaged by a vaccination that did not work and created a medical condition in a child or adult.