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Alternative Voice for California:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for California Senate District 15, 2020

Handling Different Worldviews

I recognize there are many who will not agree with my worldview. I handle it as such:

  1. Build on those things that we have in common. Build on common values and common methodologies for solving problems. I like to emphasize the things that I have in common with others rather than differences.
  2. Seek to understand each other’s worldview’s in a rational, logical, and agreeable manner.
  3. Where we can not resolve our differences, agree to disagree in a civil way. No need to treat each other in a cruel manner. Seek mediation if necessary.

As a CA State Senator, I am under obligation to implement the Constitution, the California Constitution, and do the will of the people in my district and the whole of California. However, like anyone, if on a personal basis I am asked to do something unethical or wrong I have the right to refuse the task.