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Alternative Voice for California:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for California Senate District 15, 2020

Personal Worldview

I self-identify as a follower of Jesus Christ. What this means on a practical basis is that I recognize I am a condemned sinner and needed to be saved. Jesus Christ was crucified and died on a cross for my sins and was resurrected on the third day. By embracing His gift, I am saved from eternal condemnation. On a daily basis I strive to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ and keep myself under the boundaries of the canonized historical documents that make up the Holy Bible.

All who have ever lived will appear before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ. We have a spiritual world that is made up of demons, angels, and a sentient being named Satan who has authority over planet Earth. Every human being has a make-up of mind, body, and spirit (soul). I err on the side of naturalism (mind and body) but am conscious of the fact that we abide in a spiritual realm.

Jesus Christ will return one day and establish His kingdom on planet Earth. He will execute justice and reward those who have done good and punish those who have done evil.